A total of 1310 drawings and photos are left in the legacy of Herbert Hansen.

His draughtsmanship includes a written concept of 4 Din A4 pages about the struggle of genders which he wrote on a typewriter and a total of 632 drawings and collages. This includes 495 undated drawings / collages and 137 dated drawings / collages. His dated drawings / collages were created between 1951 and 1998. His lyrics stand out due to special lyricism.

The draughtsmanship „The Model“ includes a written cover picture and a total of 483 photos of him in women’s clothing. This contains 228 dated small-format photographs taken between the end of June 1958 and mid-2007 (up to the age of 83). In addition, this cycle includes 255 Polaroids, of which 212 are dated and 43 are undated. His dated Polaroids were created between Rosenmontag (a German holiday where it is normal for everyone to dress up) in 1986 and the 25.03.2007.

He also shot 195 small-format photos and Polaroids of his wife. This includes 135 dated pictures and 60 undated pictures. The dated pictures were created between the 8.8.1962 and the 22.06.2009.

In addition to the drawings and photos, he left an open shoe-box behind filled with cut-out comics, which he had coloured and texted in his own style:


There are also 15 notebooks that complete his collection, these show the contest results of an imaginary sports league of fictional Russian-named women:


In addition to these notebooks, he has left 7 fashion catalogues behind containing cut-out models from other fashion catalogues. He would also calculate and identify the women in his drawings in terms of size, weight and various sizes.

Among all the notebooks, was one in particular with personal quotes and sayings, showing another of his many talents. He had studied writing and was talented with lyrics.

For decades, he collected more than 150 newspaper clippings mentioning that women are stronger than men. These newspaper clippings are from sports articles, jokes, comics, real court judgments, stories and photos from many newspapers.

The dark red leather case containing all the art is itself a piece of art: